// Ramsgate by Sam Napper

A few weeks back I visited Ramsgate with a some friends. Despite the stale waft of UKIP passing by every so often - it was actually a beautiful area. Well worth the hour train trip out of London if you have the time.

// Silence on the Southbank by Sam Napper

On any given weekday, London is a melee of commuters and Costa coffee cups. Things look, sound and feel very different on early weekend mornings. That is, until the tourists descend of course. 

// Amsterdam at Dawn by Sam Napper

A recent stint in Amsterdam for work, didn't allow much time to explore. I managed to grab a few shots early one morning, just as the city was stirring.

// Closed Circuit by Sam Napper

Cycling from Waterloo to Clapton one Saturday afternoon, I started noticing just how many prying eyes we have on us every day. So I turned the tables and cast a lens on them for a change. 

// ExCellent Stealth Skills by Sam Napper

Being the hoodlum photographer I am, I snuck into the ExCel exhibition hall in London and took a couple of cunning shots. Next up, Mi5. 

// Lea Navigation by Sam Napper

A few shots taken along the Lea Navigation from Ware to Clapton.

// Next Stop, Budapest by Sam Napper

Meandering through Eastern Europe by train.